Hermosa PTA Meeting MinutesSeptember 6, 2011 Start: 6:35 p.m. end 7:50 p.m.
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Attendance (13): Amy Ballard, Chip Franke, Shannon jindra, Melissa Corr, Becky Piper, Paula Jenson, Nancy Hanka, Judy Hansen, Karen Hammer, Teresa Melvin, Rhonda Pearcy, Tammy Jo Schlechter, Jeanne Repas
Secretary Report (Amy) from May 23 mtg: Did not have time to approve these
Treasurer Report (Jeanne): No Report of Expenses/Income Balance to date = $11,393
Budget for 2011-2012 School Year = $22,209. Jeanne handed out proposed expenses and income line items (attached). Three changes were made at the meeting (1) Line item 8th grade graduation changed to K/8th Recognition (2) Welcome Back food expense of $150 (3) Add School Music Program Expenses (Judy will let us know how much is needed to make up the difference in her program funding being reduced this year by CSD). Please let Jeanne know by Sept 20 if you have any changes. We will vote on the budget at the Oct 3 PTA Meeting.
Book Fair/Teacher Conf featuring Gary Johnston Reading Speaker Thursday, Sept 29 WE NEED VOLUNTEERS
Wednesday 9/28 – Book Fair set up in afternoon and open for teacher conferences 4-7 p.m. 3 set up; 2 cashiers
Thursday 9/29 – 3:00-4:00 Gary Johnston Teacher Program (big gym)
4:15-6:15 Book Fair, Teacher Conferences, Concession (big gym) 3 cashiers; 2 concess
6:30-7:30 Kids Into Readers Adult Program Gary Johnston 4 day care providers
7:30-8:00 Book Fair and Concession 3 cashiers/tear down; 2 concess
· Concession Stand will serve sloppy joes/chips/drink for $3 from 4-6:15 and 7:30-8:00 Thursday only.
· A kids activity will be offered in the small gym during the program from 6:30-7:30
· Gary Johnston website = www.kidsintoreaders.com
· Student Council will be asked to help at book fair and concession stand on Wed and Thurs nights. Contact Melissa Corr at 209-1625 to volunteer – see list above.
Girls (6-8th grade) Volleyball Home Game (6) Concession HELP needed: Please sign up for concession stand (cashier, serve, clean up) from 4-7pm each night by contacting Amy Ballard 430-0168 ballard@mt-rushmore.net or Melissa Corr 209-1625. Home games are: Sept 26 (have 2 signed up already); Sept 27; October 8; October 11, October 13; October 20.
Fall Festival (Halloween Carnival) – Rhonda Pearcy volunteered to chair this special event. She needs help, too!
Crawford Family in Fairburn PTA donation of $100 VISA card; motion Nancy/2nd Paula
Christmas Program (Judy): NEED VOLUNTEERS especially to organize, distribute, inventory costumes for NutCracker Play; also needs more support at rehearsals, stage set up, etc. Please see Judy to help.
Hermosa WIKI space (Judy): very good source for finding Tumblebooks, school lunch menu, newsletters, PTA mtg notes, etc and can be accessed at Hermosaschool.wikispaces.com
Rembrandt Art Class (Chip) – Ran this past Mr. Nolan last summer to make up for the loss of the art program at Hermosa; RC school currently offers this after school program; proposed $12-15 a month for up to 4 three hour classes per month. Chip will inquire again.
Important Dates to look forward to:
· Walk to School (safe school routes): October 5 meet at Hermosa Post Office at 7:30
· Red Ribbon Week: October 23-31
· National Guard Fly Over: October 6
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