Hermosa PTA Meeting Minutes November 1, 2011 Start: 6:30 p.m. end 7:40 p.m.
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Attendance (12): Melissa Corr, Rhonda Pearcy, Judy Hansen, Jeanne Repas, Amy Stiffler, Nancy Hanka, Amy Ballard, Teresa Melvin, Kari Lund, Brian Lund, Elena Skillingstad, Lisa Luck

Secretary Report (Amy) from Oct 4 mtg: Motion to approve Nancy, 2nd Jeanne
Treasurer Report (Jeanne): Report of Expenses/Income Balance to date = $9338.56
Since Oct 1 deposits are 1438.38 and expenses are 1824.0 (itemized in report that was handed out)
  • Box Tops, Campbells Labels, FTC receipts, milk caps all being collected and sorted by Jeanne; Elaina and student council to help count. Checks come in Nov and March for Box Tops. Target check from last year was $280 with only 5 people signed up for Hermosa School!

Membership (Amy) – We have 27 members (welcome Brian and Kari); It’s not too late to sign up!! We are short of our last year membership of 31.

Fall Festival (Halloween Carnival) – Ladies Auxiliary asked to make a donation to PTA in lieu of gym rental.

Fund Raisers Discussed
  • Music Fund Raiser – Judy November 7delivery from 1pm-6pm for the Schwan Foods fundraiser. Nancy, Melissa and Jeanne will help distribute the products. Gift certificates can be purchased in lieu of food and used any time.
  • PTA to buy $100 of gift cards to buy our concession stand ice cream with. Amy motion/Melissa 2nd

Concession Stand – Lots of good discussion lead by Kari Lund about healthy food choices and how we could make our concession better balanced with healthy items. Kari suggested the following: string cheese, apples and bananas, milk, granola bars, trail mix, turkey hot dogs, whole wheat buns, frozen yogurt, walking tacos with baked chips. Need to eliminate the pretzels, canned cheese and chili:>) Melissa and Kari to go to Sam’s Club and pick up some items to try for the home game on Tuesday, Nov 8. We will use up the food we have now as well. Kari will hang up food posters in concession stand that advertise healthy foods. Amy will make the new concession menu.
  • Discussed that parents have asked why no food allowed in gym – Food not allowed in the gym as there is no one to clean up the gym after the games except the parents

Girls VB and BB Uniform Replacement – Girls volleyball uniforms were ordered!! Becky is getting the uniform catalog from Custer on Friday and will order girls basketball uniforms in Nov for next season.

Spirit Wear (Hermosa School Apparel) – Order with a flyer that will be sent home in November so orders will be in for Christmas presents. Black Hills Embroidery offered $6 ss shirts, $12 ls shirts and $18 hoodies. PTA will sell for $10, $15, $20. Shannon and Melissa to choose styles and colors next week.

Memorial Item for Trevor – Mrs. Smith’s 4th grade class had mentioned they would like to have books donated to Trevor’s name. Jeanne Deitrich said the books earned from the Book Fair can be given in his name. Want to order 2 picnic tables instead of a bench now; student council could fund and implement this project

Christmas Program (Judy): The Nutcracker play is for K-4th only and will be shown on Dec 8 at 2 performances; middle school program on Dec 15 at 2pm only

NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6; 6:30-7:30 PM at Concession Stand
Free day care will be provided.
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